Why Chexout

Because first and foremost, you have the right to protect yourself.

The best way to avoid the many short and long-term problems caused by contracting a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) is to never get one. It may sound simple, but if your partner doesn't have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) you can't get one from them. It only makes sense, if you're going to have sex, do it with a partner who has tested negative for STDs and can verify the results.

Chexout provides a secure online site where your chosen Healthcare Provider uploads your STD test results to your private, password-protected page. Once tested for STIs and your results are entered you can individually access your Results Page to demonstrate when you got tested and that you tested negative. No one can access your Results Page without your permission.

Chexout allows you to have easy anytime access to your test results. By making STD results always accessible, we help you protect yourself from infections. Having access to your negative STD test results without having to make a return visit to the doctor makes it easier for you to know your status, make sure your partner got tested and verify their results too.

Chexout also provides you with educational information and videos to help you make better decisions about your Sexual Health.

Setting up your account is quick and costs only $25 per year. Chexout can accept STD test results from any licensed Physician, Health Center or Medical Professional you choose and there is no limit to how many tests can be loaded per year or how often you can access results.

It's easy, so please, exercise your right to protect yourself.